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Who made the products? *

Is there limits in availability for any of the products? *

For courses this may be time-restraints such as only 4 spots each month. Art and some designed products may be unique or requires custom manufacturing/design for each order.

Is there geographical limitations affecting who can purchase the products? *

For example if you are offering home-courses, you might want to only have customers within certain areas. Or you offer home-deliveries, but have not yet any delivery service in some parts of Norway.
Describe your products. *

You do not need to provide in-detail descriptions of every product, try to describe in some broad terms.
If you answered yes on the previous question, please include a sentence to describe the geographical limitation.
For whom, or what occasions do you think your products would be suitable as gifts? *

Examples: Kids (5-8y), adult males, students, weddings, birthdays, valentines, teenagers, techies, photo-enthusiasts... etc...
Is there a website showing images and/or more information about your products?

Like a web-store, portfolio, course-site, Facebook page and so on...
You understand that... *

... this application form is not a legally binding contract.
... if we accept your application, we still reserve the right to approve/refuse the listings of individual products.
... you will need to submit each product you want to list at Glimty individually.
... we may refuse some of your products if we already have a partner offering conflicting products in some way, but if we think the market can have multiple similar products we may still accept the product. For example some similar products can still offer broader variations for our customers.
... you can not limit us in accepting new partners, just because they are your competition, but we will still avoid this depending on the situation. (we will invite to discussion if we are uncertain.)
... customers of Glimty buying your products have the same legal rights as if they bought the product directly from you. ( for example warranties and legally binding consumer rights.)
... the final contract (if offered) will outline your responsibilities and rights in more detail.
... we reserve the right to cancel any contract before agreed upon times if the partner or their products breach our ethical guidelines.
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